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Taipower Profile


Established on May 1, 1946, Taipower operates in generation, transmission, distribution, and the sale of electricity. According to the Electricity Act, Taipower is responsible for providing a stable electricity supply. Revenue from electricity sales accounted for 97.5% of the total revenue in 2022. As of 2022, the installed capacity in the Taipower System (including independent power producers) was 53.74 GW, consisting mainly of thermal power generation with hydroelectricity and renewable energy. In terms of transmission and distribution, Taipower's system has 621 substations, and its total length of power transmission lines reached 18,032.1 circuit kilometers while its total length of distribution lines reached 410,071 circuit kilometers in 2022.

In response to the recent global trends toward sustainability and the development of future electricity markets, Taipower has promoted an organizational transformation. In January 2016, the Company established four business divisions: the Power Generation Division, the Nuclear Power Division, the Transmission System Division, and the Distribution and Service Division. Following the establishment of these divisions, the headquarters and business divisions adopted a policy of centralization and management decentralization, in an effort to transform from a government agency into a highly efficient enterprise. In the future, Taipower will continue to abide by the requirements of the Electricity Act and transform itself into a holding company with subsidiaries, which aims to promote market competition, enhance business operation efficiency, and promote corporate sustainability. This will allow Taipower to become a prestigious and world-class power utility group that provides its customers with services of the highest quality.

Taipower Profile
Founded May 1, 1946
Coverage Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu areas
Headquarters Taipei City
Capital NT$330 billion
Shareholding 96.92% government-owned; 3.08% private owned
Total assets NT$23,255 billion
Operating revenue NT$6,619 billion
Number of employees 28,079
Number of users 14.93 million
Installed capacity
  • 53.74 GW in the Taipower system
  • Taipower-owned: 34.34 GW
Net amount of generated and
purchased power
250,700 GWh

Taipower’s Power Plants and Power Grid

Taipower’s Power Plants and Power Grid



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