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Friendly Workplace

Occupational Health and Safety

In addition to cultivating outstanding talent, maintaining occupational safety is key to sustainable talent management. To prevent occupational safety incidents and reduce the impact of the suspension of unit operations on power stability, Taipower has established an improving occupational safety strategy within its Sustainable Development Plan. Taipower also set short- (2022), medium- (2025), and long-term (2030) goals to demonstrate Taipower's resolve in implementing a safe and healthy workplace.

Health and Safety Management Policies


The protection of human lives through occupational safety are Taipower’s highest priority. To ensure the safety of employees and operations, Taipower pursues a goal of zero occupational incidents to create a safe, healthy, and friendly workplace. Additionally, to minimize the occupational injuries of contractors, Taipower optimizes items related to health and safety management in its construction contracts and actively assists and supervises contractors in establishing and implementing their own occupational safety management mechanisms.In 2022, Taipower conducted about 821 health and safety-related advocacy meetings for contractors, with a total of about 29,074 participants.

Future Improvement Strategies and Methods for Occupational Safety

Taipower's occupational injuries in the past ten years may be categorized into three major types: contact with high temperatures, electric shocks, and falls. Further investigation suggest that most injuries are caused by a series of factors: not executing or implementing risk assessments, workers not following procedures during tasks or lacking crisis awareness, a failure to implement the three basic tenets of occupational safety on-site, changes in management, failure to comply with standard operating procedures when working, failure to use protective equipment, lack of horizontal contact, and failure to properly control entry and exit of personnel, etc. The improvements Taipower aims to make are as follows:

Future Improvement Strategies and Methods for Occupational Safety

Strengthen the system

  • Amending relevant management procedures for punishment mechanisms
  • Promoting collective punishment for supervisors
  • Adding to and amending safety construction procedures

Manage procurement

  • Using the most advantageous bids or the lowest bids that passed the selection standard for procurement, and improving the weight of the industrial safety assessment
  • Risk assessment reports will be submitted during the bidding processes

Implement training and education

  • Pre-service training and drills
  • Implementing qualification training
  • Organizing awareness campaigns
  • Changing the method to interactive teaching for the education and training on hazard identification
  • Organizing virtual reality (VR) simulation training for preventing falls

Increase the level of punishment

  • Violator re-education
  • Increasing the penalty limits for first-time offenders
  • Progressively increasing fines

Remove those who violate the rules

  • Onsite workers may temporarily suspend construction in the event of hazards and may withdraw to a safe location to ensure safety
  • Elimination mechanism for personnel violating the rules
  • Elimination mechanism for vendors violating the rules

Implement controls

  • Engineering safety early warning system tracking management
  • Auditing supporting manpower
  • Handling review mechanisms
  • Strengthening industrial security checks
  • Enhancing management for construction on holidays
  • Change management
  • Entry and exit control for key personnel (e.g., personnel responsible for worksites and occupational safety personnel)
  • Strengthening the management of personal protective equipment and machinery facilities

Third-party auditing

  • Identifying risk items and blind spots through self-checking mechanism for occupational health and safety organized by external experts

Occupational Safety Care Platform

  • Provide a platform for employees to report errors they have found in the construction projects of each unit
Disaster prevention technology
  • The introduction of a mobile real-time image system (CCTV) and AI recognition

Labor-Management Communication

Taipower attaches great importance to the voices and needs of all professional partners. The Company provides channels for expressing diverse opinions, and actively responds to relevant suggestions to continuously create a labor- management environment that makes employees feel satisfied and builds trust in the Company.

2022 Communication Channels and Performance

2020 Communication Channels and Performance



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