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Risk Management Policies


Taipower has established four risk management policies as guidelines for organizational risk management. They are as follows:

Risk Management Policies

01Reduce Operational Risks

Provide the necessary resources to establish, maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of the risk management system in order to reduce operational risks.

02 Promote risk Management Organization

Promote risk management organization and the implementation of risk assessment, risk management, risk monitoring and risk communication.

03 Shape a Riskmanaging Culture

Ensure that employees have the ability to perform risk management, create a supportive work environment, and shape a riskmanaging culture.

04Strengthen Communication

Strengthen communication between staff and stakeholders, raise staff awareness of risk management and thoroughly implement related policies.

Risk Management Process

Risk Management Process

Risk Incidents and Countermeasures


In 2022, Taipower identified 13 risk events. Each risk event has its own risk scenario and corresponding control measures planned in advance. The effectiveness of control measures and their risk changes are reviewed on a continuous basis to improve the effectiveness of prevention beforehand and response afterward. Through this systematic risk management, Taipower is able to analyze risks and sustainability issues, strengthen risk awareness, master opportunities, and move toward its vision of sustainability.

Risk Category Risk Identified
Power Supply Operation Risks Power Supply Operation Risks
  • Short-term imbalance between supply and demand
  • Damage to safety and resilience of critical power facilities
  • Medium and long-term major power generation projects behind schedule
  • Medium and long-term major transmission and substation projects behind schedule
Environment and Climate Change Risks Environment and Climate Change Risks
  • Impact of environmental pollution
  • Lower-than-expected carbon emission reduction
Legal Compliance and Issue Risks Legal Compliance and Issue Risks
  • Severe safety and health accidents
  • Negative news expansion
  • Violation of major regulation
  • Outbreaks of labor-management disputes and employee protests
Strategic and Financial Risks Strategic and Financial Risks
  • Accrual of losses resulting in greater impacts to the Company's operations
  • Insufficient cultivation of core technology
  • Failure of protection in the information system



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