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Social Concern

Corporate Cultural Inputs and Public Welfare

The power industry has promoted domestic industrial and economic development. In addition to supplying energy to Taiwan, Taipower has created a tangible historical architecture and immaterial collection of memories for Taiwan. In line with Taiwan's pursuit of social development and cultural awareness, the Company has integrated cultural preservation and creative thinking into its development-oriented growth model, promoting corporate humanism in business, public welfare, and the building of a cultural corporate image.

Cultural Contributions

Cultural Contributions


The Company actively seeks to promote an appreciation of its responsibilities and its sustainable development philosophy. Through combing the history of Taiwan’s electrical industry development with education, Taipower injects diversity into society and promotes the use of value-added knowledge. The Company established a working group on a Cultural Heritage Preservation, Operation and Maintenance Project to conduct a full inventory of the company’s cultural assets and to help preserve the Company's non- building cultural heritage. The Vice President of Strategy and Administration serves as the convener and the Company uses its Meeting on Important Cultural Heritage Preservation, Operation, and Maintenance Project to promote preservation, research, and communication with society. Taipower adopted the strategies of research-before- education, phased development, and continuous adjustments for its review operations on cultural and historical data in accordance with different themes. The Company inspects, preserves, and displays the resulting cultural and historical data to promote resource sharing and revitalization and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Promotion of Popular Science Education on Energy

"Smart Hands-on Electricity Generation" – At Taipower D/S ONE


Taipower D/S ONE (D/S ONE) is the nation's first renewable energy exhibition hall. The hall is connected to the Banqiao train station by pedestrian bridges and its space was redesigned based on international standards with the aim of creating the most important and interesting venue for renewable energy education in Taiwan.

In the future, D/S ONE will continue to launch energy teaching aids and will continue cooperating with schools and educational institutions at all levels as well as major museums in Taiwan as it promotes energy on campuses across Taiwan and implements energy education through cross-domain cooperation to stimulate creative energy and create value.

Taipower's Public Welfare and Sponsorship Commitment

Taipower strives to achieve symbiosis and mutual prosperity with society by continuously investing in cultural, artistic, and charitable activities. It has deeply ingrained the image of being a practitioner of corporate social responsibility into its corporate identity. In collaboration with local communities, Taipower promotes harmonious coexistence and drives electricity infrastructure development. The Company engages in neighborly initiatives, including emergency assistance, support for low-income households, welfare for elderly people and those with disabilities, educational and cultural programs, and other public welfare actions. In 2022, there were a total of 3,758 neighborhood-care cases, with a donation amount of approximately NT$104.527 million.

Purchasing Agricultural and Fisheries Products for Donation to Disadvantaged Groups

Oil-Electric Harmony, Cherish the Rare

Taipower actively participates in social welfare initiatives. The "2022 Oil-Electric Harmony,Cherish the Rare" concert is a collaboration between the state-owned enterprises Taipower and CPC and the Rare Disease Foundation. The concert aims to engage the public in musical exchanges, so that sincere actions and moving voices can convey the melody of love for life. It also hopes to inspire others to extend their kindness and support to patients and disadvantaged individuals in society.

Seeds of Hope: Hope Cultivation Project

Seeds of Hope: Hope Cultivation Project

Since 2005, Taipower has provided summer job opportunities for indigenous college students from Taitung, Hualien, and Pingtung in their hometowns to help them reduce their tuition burdens. Taipower provides approximately 75 summer job opportunities each year. By 2022, the 18th year of the program, a total of 566 students had participated in the project. The purpose of the program is to encourage young indigenous people to return to their hometowns with opportunities for achievement and growth.

End-of-Year Care Program for Solitary Seniors

End-of-Year Care Program for Solitary Seniors

Since 2005, Taipower's power plants and district offices have invited isolated seniors to attend year-end dinner parties during the Lunar New Year. Taipower purchased new-year supplies and distributed gifts to the residences of attendees. The events have helped senior citizens who live alone enjoy Lunar New Year and allowed Taipower to spread warmth and fulfill its social responsibilities. Approximately 1,625 participants attended the "Lighting up Love" year-end dinner party in 2022.

Reading Promotion: Fireflies Children's Reading Project

Reading Promotion: Fireflies Children's Reading Project

In 2007, Taipower established multiple after-school programs for children in remote areas of Hualien and Taitung to promote ethical and art education. Taipower uses mobile library vans, summer reading camps, and year-end angel club activities to provide underprivileged children in remote areas with assistance and resources. The Company seeks to reduce the gap between urban and rural resources and help children improve their knowledge and skills. The Company also helps students to explore their interests and potential through reading and talent activities. In 2022, more than 4,500 children were reached.




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