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Power Up Taiwan With Taipower!

How do we get the electricity we use in our daily lives?
Let’s check out the process of generating and transmitting electricity. Then we can light up the city together!

Drag your mouse to move.

Look for the questions
in the glowing place.

Click the little wrench
to answer the questions.

Click the little bulbs
to get useful tips about electricity.


You lit up the city and provided a convenient life for all people! Well done!
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As an island, Taiwan has excellent offshore wind power potential. World-class wind farms are already being developed in the Taiwan Strait.

The electric towers near flight paths are painted red and white, so they are easier for pilots to see.

Taipower establishes large-scale energy storage system in Kinmen. The system stores Kinmen’s abundant solar and wind power. It also helps the power grid to automatically adjust its system frequency and improves the stability of the power supply.

Smart meters allow people to better manage their own electricity usage and to save energy by themselves.

The ecological power plant concept considers environmental factors to combine power plants with local biomes. These symbiotic systems accommodate both ecological and economic needs. Taipower is promoting ecological power plants to increase public awareness of the ways electricity can coexist with the environment.




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