In the case of high-voltage customers were fully deployed with intelligent meter infrastructure (AMI), Taiwan Power Company has used the communication technology to build High-voltage Customer Service Portal to provide customers value-added services and create a win-win situation for the company and customers. This website was officially launched in July 2016, which can help high-voltage customers manage power by themselves and help them control power consumption and electricity costs. The customer can apply for an account by MOEACA Application online or at the counter. The smart meters installed on the high voltage customers will transmit their electricity information to Taiwan Power Company wirelessly every day and integrate it into the website through the communication technology and present it in a visual chart.

Website features:

  • Real-time electricity consumption information
    Customers can fully know their power consumption through real-time and complete information offered by the website and plan to reduce electricity costs.
  • Data visualization
    Customers can query the power consumption of recent periods compared to other periods by charts.
  • Evaluation of Energy-Conservation efficiency
    By using calculation function, customers can evaluate how to participate in demand response measures to reduce their electricity costs.
  • Electricity simulation
    Using historical electricity data to simulate the future power consumption will help customers understand the load of their equipment.
  • Responsive Web Design
    This website adopts Responsive Web Design (RWD), which can automatically adjust the screen configuration according to the mobile devices such as the mobile phones or tablets used by the customers. It helps customers use the website anytime.
  • Benefits of digitalization
    Evaluate the benefits of customers participating in demand response management measures and help them change their power consumption or production schedules to reduce the consumption usage of peak load.